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Founded on core values of quality and innovation over 2 years ago, Prolong is proud to be at the forefront of composite technology. Recent developments include the first composite F900 load rated manhole cover.

Prolong Composites is one of the India’s leading manufacturers of Fibre Reinforced Plastics (FRP) products like manhole covers, moulded gratings, pultruded profiles, etc. Prolong Composites was incorporated in the year 2016 in Mumbai with an objective of manufacturing and offering world class innovative FRP products to overcome challenges faced by traditional materials like steel, cast iron, cement concrete, etc.

Our R&D department has enabled us to develop technically superior and cost effective products. Our consistent and technically superior products has enabled us to export and establish our products in different countries. Our team strength of 200 people includes a well spread marketing team in India and abroad.

Prolong is not only a brand but it's a faith & trust of common man that you can achieve any goals in your life if people are dedicated towards it's target. We must always maintain a healthy competition within yourself.

Prolong Composites started it's manufacturing unit to provide plenty of jobs opportunities for people of India with a good vision n dream where all can contribute their efforts to make our country more sustainable globally. India is a big hub if you contribute small efforts to make it more efficient than our upcoming generation mindset will be fully automated.

Grp will be everywhere it's a complete package & replacement of existing wooden n metal products due to its inherent life n properties.

  Ms. Neha Jha
( Managing Director )

We offer wide range of GRP & FRP Solution Worldwide

FRP Manhole Cover, FRP/GRP Molded Grating, Gully Grating,Recess Cover, FRP Doors,FRP Tanks, FRP Overhead Tank Cover, FRP Benches , FRP Handrail, FRP Poles, FRP Filament Winding Pipes, FRP Surface Lining, FRP Pultrusion Profile & other FRP Products and allied products to various national and international standards.


Prolong Composites Pvt. Ltd. should be globally recognized as most innovative and one of the top 10 orgnaization in the field of FRP/GRP products by 2020." Think Innovative,Use Composites "

Think Innovative, Use Composites

To bring awareness regarding FRP/GRP composite materials should be spread across India & World wide. To overcome inconvenience suffered due to the use of traditional iron material.

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